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Classic Photography by Richard E. Loftis


"Southwest Images"




Dual Ladder

Mission San
Xaiver Court Yard

Mission Tumacacori

     When I was growing up I would go the Saturday afternoon shows, for a dime, and watch all the Westerns and Serials. My visual Impressions of the West were formed while watching a lot of movies that used the Monument Valley area of Arizona and Utah as a background. Later as I traveled around the West I never found anything that looked Like the WEST that I had in my mind. One year returning from California I decided to take a short cut up through Arizona and Utah on my way to Colorado. As I travel north out of Keyenta Arizona and crossed into the Monument Valley Area I suddenly saw my West or what I had pictured in my mind as the WEST. There it was all the buttes, mesas, mittens, six shooters the Hogans with Indians and all the formations I was looking for and I realized that all of those old western movies were shot in Monument Valley by Directors like John Ford. As time went on I traveled extensively in that area and began calling that area the Southwest. While California I called the West.

Chaco Canyon Ruins

Mummy Cave

Spruce Tree House Ruins

Elephant Arch

Rainbow Bridge

Angel Arch


The Mittens Monument Valley


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