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Classic Photography by Richard E. Loftis


"Figure Work"


Keith F. Davis, Fine Art Programs Director, Hallmark Cards, Inc.: His nudes in addition to their sheer formal elegance are paeans to the physical perfection of a specific age, early adulthood. These works suggest a yearning to freeze time human time, at least at this peak of ripe, graceful faultlessness. The poignancy, of course, lies in our knowledge that such perfection rarely lasts long the rose blooms and fades, followed by others, and by generations more.

The Dance Triptych

Cynthia in the Window

Sharon in Lounge

Karen Electra

Karen in Spring Grass

Maria D. and Post

Sharon in Wheatfield

D. Murphy Against Tree

Susi and Laura Together

Kelly and Big Tree

Gena on the Sofa

Gena in Barn Window

Gena in Screen Door

Karen Job Emerging

Karen in the Sumac

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